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Kentucky Gardasil Vaccine Injury Lawyer

Thousands of Kentucky parents may have taken their children to the doctor to receive the Gardasil HPV vaccine. Immunization is intended to protect children and adults from certain types of cancers. Unfortunately, some recipients are also experiencing dangerous side effects and life-threatening reactions.

A Free Consultation for Kentucky Gardasil Vaccine Victims

Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, is available to represent Kentucky victims of any age and their families in Gardasil vaccine injury claims. These claims are meant to allow victims to afford the best medical care available and recover financially after they or their parents have missed valuable time at work.

The Kentucky vaccine injury lawyers at Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, also represent close family members who have lost a loved one, perhaps a child, to the harmful side effects of the Gardasil vaccine. Contact us for a free and confidential case consultation to find out about the benefits available to you and your family.

Gardasil Vaccine Dangers for Adults and Children in Kentucky

The CDC describes the human papillomavirus (HPV) as a sexually transmitted infection (STI). In 2018 alone, somewhere around 43 million HPV infections were reported in the United States. Around 90% of the time the infection goes away within two years without any health consequences. But some victims suffer health issues like genital warts and can develop several forms of cancer.

There is no known cure for HPV. Gardasil, approved for use in the U.S. in 2006, is just one vaccine developed to prevent the contraction of HPV. The CDC recommends vaccination for boys and girls as young as 11 years old, and in some cases as young as nine.  The vaccine is offered to adults up to 26 years old. In certain cases, people at risk do get inoculated later in life, up to the point they are 45 years old.

Gardasil has been proven to prevent certain types of cancers, especially cervical cancer, in women. The vaccine helps recipients avoid cancer of the vulva, vagina, penis, or anus. It can also protect shot recipients from developing cancer in the back of the throat, the base of the tongue, and the tonsils.

Gardasil Vaccine Injuries Suffered by Kentucky Recipients

Sadly, a small number of those receiving the vaccine have suffered extreme reactions to the Gardasil injection.

One of the most heavily reported side effects of getting the HPV shot is the syndrome known as POTS.  Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome leaves victims experiencing an increased heart rate and fatigue when they stand after sitting or lying down.

Other patients, young and older, have suffered from auto-immune diseases, reproductive disorders, nervous system disorders, and lupus. These are just a few of the harmful consequences that some experience after getting the Gardasil HPV shot.

Diagnosis and treatment for these adverse health effects can cost thousands of dollars and change the very ways victims live and work. Sadly, death is a very real possibility for some victims of a Gardasil vaccine injury.

The victims of this vaccine and their families should never face the consequences of these potential side effects alone. Victims have several options for seeking support. They must choose the best route to receive the maximum in compensation for what they’ve been put through.

Speaking with a Kentucky Vaccine Injury Lawyer is the first step in getting help. Your attorney would first determine the best path to getting the most from your Gardasil vaccine injury claim. Your attorney would then begin collecting strong evidence that will make it hard for an insurance company or a judge to deny your right to receive assistance.

Filing a Gardasil Vaccine Injury Claim

Filing a claim with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) is one option Gardasil victims have before them.

The VICP is a fund overseen by the Department of Health and Human Services that all vaccine manufacturers contribute to. Merck Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Gardasil, also pays into this fund. Claimants can submit a claim and collect much-needed support from the program.

The VICP also lowers the bar for victims to prove that their health issues were caused by the effects of an HPV vaccine. They wouldn’t need as much evidence showing the link between Gardasil and a vaccine reaction in order to earn a financial award.

Who Can File a Gardasil Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Claim?

A victim who has suffered harsh side effects after getting the Gardasil shot may file a claim under the VICP. A parent or legal guardian of a child or disabled adult who had the vaccine may file. The legal representative of the estate (usually a family member) of a Gardasil victim who is no longer living is eligible to file on behalf of a family.

The severity of the HPV vaccine reaction for victims must also meet a certain standard. The harmful side effects must have:

  • lasted for more than six months after the vaccination; or
  • resulted in inpatient hospitalization and surgical intervention; or
  • resulted in death.

Speaking with a Kentucky Gardasil Vaccination Injury Lawyer in a free, no-obligation consultation is the best way to determine if you qualify for VICP compensation. You may even be eligible for benefits you weren’t aware existed for HPV vaccination victims.

Kentucky Victims Joining a Gardasil HPV Vaccine Class Action Lawsuit

VICP awards are capped in some cases. For this reason, the victims of the harmful side effects of the Gardasil HPV vaccination also have the option to sue Merck Pharmaceuticals.

Victims and their family members may take Merck Pharmaceuticals to court if they feel they should earn more for their suffering. The burden of proof would be higher for victims and their lawyers. But a skilled lawyer would be securing strong medical and scientific evidence to show that your symptoms or the death of a loved one could be directly traced back to a Gardasil shot.

So many victims have stepped forward that some claimants have decided to merge their cases into a class action lawsuit against Merck Pharmaceuticals. The suit was approved as a multidistrict litigation (MDL) lawsuit in the fall of 2022.

An MDL is similar to a class action lawsuit; however, each case is decided separately, generally all by one judge. Remember, that even when joining a class action to seek what’s fair, it’s important to have your own, local legal representative watching over court proceedings to see that your interests are being considered.

Compensation for a Kentucky Gardasil Vaccination Injury Victims

HPV vaccination victims and their families have likely been through an enormous amount of trauma as they’ve managed the harmful consequences. In some cases, child victims have now matured into adults and have had their development affected by these harsh medical effects. Patients will have had their lives changed and in some cases have been unable to return to doing the things they loved.

Victims and families will have suffered harsh emotional disruption to their lives while going through such a difficult period. Victims and families also suffer financially and may have been pushed towards bankruptcy, simply trying to pay for the medical treatment needed to battle the effects of Gardasil inoculation.

Your Gardasil vaccine injury attorney helps you list all of these damages in a claim and will include some hardships you may not have realized could help earn you a Gardasil vaccine injury settlement:

  • Support for every medical bill you’ve already paid and for those expected in the future.
  • Support after a wrongful death. The loss of a precious loved one would qualify families to seek support in paying past medical bills and those that remain. The guidance and financial support a loved one will no longer provide the family can also earn support in a settlement.
  • Compensation for the physical pain endured by Gardasil vaccine victims.
  • Compensation for emotional trauma victims have experienced. Young victims can have their childhood experiences forever changed by a Gardasil vaccine reaction. Victims often suffer a loss of enjoyment of life after complications develop from an HPV immunization.
  • Support for the travel costs that victims accumulate while they visit in and out-of-state doctors and specialists.
  • Support for the lost income victims and their families forfeit while seeking treatment for Gardasil reactions.

Contact a Kentucky Gardasil Vaccination Injury Lawyer

Your child’s life and your own life are too important to wait on seeking support. If you or a loved one have been injured after receiving the Gardasil vaccination, please discuss your options with a skilled Kentucky Vaccination Injury Lawyer.

Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, will not back down from federal lawyers or giant pharmaceutical companies until you and your family receive what’s fair for every hardship you’ve all endured. Contact our law offices to talk over your case in a free consultation. We want to hear about how the Gardasil vaccine has affected your life or the life of a loved one. Let us make sure that vaccine manufacturers aren’t allowed to turn their backs on their victims.

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