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Dogs Barking at The Tiger Personal Injury TV Commercial

By Tiger on

For many years, people across Kentucky and Indiana have told us how their dogs react to our law firm’s TV commercials. Some dogs start barking when they hear the tiger’s growl on the television screen. Other dogs hear Attorney Cara Stigger’s voice at the beginning of the ad and come running to the TV knowing that the tiger will soon be on.

We have had several people send us videos of their dogs.  We decided to share a few of these reactions with you.  In this commercial, we feature Harley from Louisville, Kentucky, and Hemi from Charlestown, Indiana. Our family pets provide comfort and bring joy to us after a long day at work.  Harley and Hemi’s reaction to our TV commercials gave us a chuckle.  We hope you enjoy watching them too!  A big THANK YOU to Harley and Hemi’s families for allowing us to share these videos with you.

How does your dog react to our commercial?

If you’d like to share it with us, you can email a video to: info@kstrial.com

Hemi the dog barks at the Tiger's personal injury TV ad

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