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A Client Review of The Tiger – Alva from Louisville, Kentucky

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At Kaufman & Stigger, we fight for our clients.  The attorneys you see on television are the attorneys that help our injured clients.  Our client Alva from Louisville, Kentucky had an unfortunate injury accident.  It was complicated and required an investigation and a lot of attention.  Alva was generous to share her experience working with attorneys Cara Stigger, Jacob Levy and paralegal Shannon Thacker.  Helping good hearted people like Alva after an accident is worthwhile and rewarding.

Every time the phone rings or a live chat conversation begins at our law firm, there is potentially a tragedy on the other end.  If you or someone in your family is injured by a negligent or impaired driver, speak directly to a lawyer.  Our team has decades of experience and works exclusively with injured people.  The injury case evaluation is always free.  Call, text or live chat today to connect with one of our injury attorneys. Let us help you with your injury claim, while you focus on getting better.

Cara Stigger – attorney; Shannon Thacker – paralegal; Alva – client; Jacob Levy – attorney and Stephon

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