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Who’s Responsible for My Premises Liability Injury?

By Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer on June 16, 2017

wet floorWhen you walk to a neighbor’s house, or in a store parking lot, or into the store, you probably aren’t thinking about all the potential ways you could get hurt. But the reality is that with property ownership comes responsibility. While the level of responsibility owed may vary based on the status of the person injured on the property, all property owners and businesses have to keep their property reasonably safe. Read the rest »

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Trick or Treat or Injury? How to Stay Safe this Halloween Season

By Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer on October 27, 2016


Every October 31st, children of all ages have but one thought in their minds – getting as much candy as possible while trick-or-treating. While parents are often preoccupied with last minute finishing touches on costumes, or picking up candy at the local store to pass out to neighborhood trick-or-treaters, safety always needs to be of the utmost concern for all grown-ups, regardless of whether or not they have children. Read the rest »

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Rainy Fall Weather Can Lead to Slip and Fall Accidents!

By Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer on October 24, 2016


There are so many sights and smells we associate with autumn months – the red-orange sea of fall foliage, the smell of pumpkin everything when you walk into your local bakery, and the less than perfect weather that blankets our skies leading up to the winter months. Long gone are the hot, sunny days of summer. In their place, we’re starting to experience lower temperatures, gusts of wind, and rainy days. With this change of season also comes an increase in the number of slip and fall cases that take place, as well as the number of people who are injured as a result of these incidents. Read the rest »

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Attorneys Marshall Kaufman and Cara Stigger discuss summer child safety tips

By Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer on May 25, 2016

It is water safety month! Keep your children safe this summer around pools, lakes and rivers. Enroll children in swim lessons at the YMCA or another community pool. Talk to older children about staying out of pools when they are closed. Fences are in place to protect them from harm. Read the rest »

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