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A Note from Mom & Dad in the Glove Box

By Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer on March 15, 2017

Teenage drivers can be many things—reckless or safe, fast or slow, but they always seem to be overconfident on the road.

But most of all? They’re valuable to the ones who love them. In this short video, Cara Stigger of Kaufman & Stigger reads a letter that a friend has shared with her, reminding teen drivers to be careful, because Mom and Dad do care.



A friend told me about a letter she put in her teen driver’s glove box. It read:

If you are reading this you must know first that you are more important to us than any car.
If you were in an accident… we hope you are ok.
If you were speeding…we hope you learned your lesson.
Call us as soon as you can.
Mom and Dad

I put a letter like this in our son and daughter’s glove box and thought you may consider doing the same.

Please use caution when driving. There is a lot of precious cargo out there…

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